findingemo23 (findingemo23) wrote in we_rock_4_jesus,

Name: Lindsay
Age: 15
Birthday: 12/19
Location: an undisclosed location in the Eastern part of the US
Favorite thing to say: hmm...dollares [doll-or-ace] its my version of money in spanish.
Favorite shoe: converse of course
Tell us a joke (if you want): sorry, I cant think up thinks off hand like that
When did you get saved (if you did): hmm...i believe i was seven, but I've been really getting into god for the last year or so.
How do you rock for Jesus: that is a good question! I dont really know, I try to be kind to everyone even the people that drive me insane but it is one of those constant struggles. And I'm thinking of more ways to rock out!

Tell us some awesome Christian bands that you listen to, so we can add to our interests list!
|x|Showbread (recent obsession)
|x|Discover America
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