KitKat (cat_inthe_hat73) wrote in we_rock_4_jesus,

what's up everybody?!

Name: call me cat
Age: a teenager, prefer not to be specific
Birthday: December 4
Location: North Carolina
Favorite thing to say:  mosey (as in, let's mosey down the hall together or something)
Favorite shoe: anything cheap and w/out heels
Tell us a joke (if you want): I'll spare you all my lame sense of humor, haha.
When did you get saved (if you did): I would say i was truly saved at the end of last year, but i've always been raised in a Christian household
How do you rock for Jesus: By speaking up for Him whenever i can, and by never being ashamed of listening to Christian music (i blare it loud and proud). or choosing ot make Christian decisions.

Tell us some awesome Christian bands that you listen to, so we can add to our interests list!
|x| Building 429
|x| Fusebox
|x| Kutless
|x| Stellar Kart
|x| Sanctus Real

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